Faux flowers and plants are the best next thing to fresh flowers

My name is Carolyn Carpenter and I have been working with Faux Flowers and Plants  for a number of years.

The industry has come along way since the years of plastic flowers.

We are now into a area of Faux Flower and Plant arrangements, in which is becoming more and more acceptable in homes.

Even businesses are moving into the same direction of having them in their Reception Areas, Foyer, as  they are forever living and have no sale by date with them.

There is nothing worse than seeing flowers wilting in their vase.

I am happy to discuss exactly what you require in your arrangement.From choice of flowers, color if you want ceramic or vase containers also price.

This is your individual arrangement and you have to be completely satisfied.

So I am now taking orders of any size, choice and color to be made into arrangements.

You may wish to have several over the year as it is a way of changing with the seasons.

All my faux Flowers and Plants are of very high quality, this is something in which I pride myself in.

I like to think that what I design for customers are all individual and will never have two the same unless requested for.

Over the last few years customers who have received their arrangements have been very pleased with them.

On a more sad note I also do make up arrangements to go onto Grave and Memorial Plinths, again I have had a lot of Customers finding this helps if especially they live away from there loved ones.


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